Biowood & It’s Brilliant Benefits

You can’t go wrong with the sustainable wood alternative

You’re moving into a new house or you’re renovating, and you realised that the floors, boundary walls, garden, ceiling, etc., desperately need an injection of life. Where do you start? The latest architectural and interior design craze is Biowood, the durable and attractive wood-plastic composite that is taking the decor industry by storm. This material is extremely versatile and can be used to make, cover and decorate just about any surface area. It can be used for: Biowood is an excellent alternative to natural wood if you are on a tight budget or prefer an eco-friendly solution. Created from a combination of 70% forest wood and sawmill dust, while the other 30% is made from recycled resin, plastic and additives, such us as pigments; these provide a range of colours to suit various styles. Excellent for interior and exterior applications, here are several benefits to using Biowood products in your home:

Looks natural

If you're trying to avoid the look of plastic because of its lack of character, then try Biowood. The largely natural wood element comes out in the production, so you’re left with a beautiful addition that looks exactly like solid timber. The good news is that it requires much less maintenance.

Termite resistant

The elemental makeup of Biowood makes it resistant to termites, allowing you to use it in a variety of applications a range of environments.

Fire and water resistant

Biowood doesn’t absorb water and it’s flame retardant, so it offers great protection against the extreme harshness of Mother Nature. Many homeowners are using this product on their walls, ceilings and floors because it’s durable, and totally cool in the face of impressive heat.

Mould resistant

Now you don’t have to stress about the health issues that come with mouldy floors or walls. Biowood is mould resistant. Because it doesn’t absorb water, there is no opportunity for mould or mildew to make a home for itself. If you have asthma sufferers in the house, this product really does go a long way to easing any concern you may have about damp and mould causing respiratory issues.


Laying floors or creating a new ceiling with solid wood can be extremely labour intensive. If you’re trying to avoid this type of work, then you need Biowood. The composite of sawdust and resin makes it extremely light and very easy to work with and install.


We’ve all weathered many Australian storms and heat waves in the hopes that our homes are either left standing or haven’t suffered some serious damage. With Biowood, there’s no reason to stress. This product has been tried and tested through some extremely harsh conditions, and it’s come out looking prettier than ever. With this material, there is no longer any reason for you to stress about the wood inside or around your home. You started reading this blog because you were looking for an answer, and now you have every reason to stop stressing about which wood you need to install in your home. You’re welcome. Contact Pine Timber Products today for a selection of Biowood products that you can use inside and outside, for furniture, flooring and much more.