The advantages of using pine timber

If you’re looking for an affordable material that can be used for used for a wide range of construction projects, then pine is the answer for you. It has the strength to support a residential frame construction, but is a soft wood, making it malleable and easy to work with. Pine is a well-established wood for construction in the United States. In Australia, it is becoming increasing popular as more plantations are established to meet the demand for the product. In the article, we are going to look at the advantages of using pine timber, specifically for residential framing and flooring purposes.

Pine is a renewable resource

Pine in Western Australia is harvested from plantations that are regulated by government organisations to ensure their impact on the environment is kept to a minimal. Because pine comes from plantations, it lessens our demands on timber from our state forests, thus preserving the natural beauty of the south west.

It’s easy to work with

Ask any woodworker and they’ll tell you how easy pine is to work with. It is easier to cut, stain and carve than other natural materials, which reduces the amount of time projects take to complete. The biggest advantage of working with pine is its acceptance of nails. Some materials are difficult to drive a nail through – some even require pre-drill holes. If you’re paying for work to be done, you don’t want to spend your money on such a time wasting exercise – not when there is a viable alternative.

Resistance against decay and rot

Pine timber can be treated to resist decay and rotting. It will cost you more, but instead of thinking of it as an expense, consider it to be an investment. You want your Perth Timber Flooring to last. Stopping it from rotting will increase the longevity of the product. If you don’t use treated pine, it will increase the risk of rot and decay and if that happens, you’ll have to replace the timber or even start the building process all over again. There are a range of treated pine products on today’s market.

Aesthetic natural design

When discussing the benefits of pine timber, it is hard to go past the fact that it is naturally pleasing to the eye.  You won’t have to do much to the timber to make it look beautiful. Pine has natural patterns and grains in the wood that gives it an aesthetic appeal.

Durable for areas of high foot traffic

Pine is resistant against wear making it an ideal timber to use for building a deck, patio or for flooring where there is a high amount of foot traffic. Over time, these areas will eventually succumb to wear and need replacing. However, because pine is an affordable material, it will make it less of a financial burden then if you were using other products. If you’re thinking of using pine for your home, then you will want to speak one of the experts at Pine Timber Products. If you’re thinking of using pine for your home, then you will want to speak one of the experts at Pine Timber Products.