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Cedar-Quad Pre-Finished

Cedar-Quad Pre-Finished

Cedar T&G Lining, Pre-Finished

Cedar T&G Lining, Pre-Finished


You are about to embark on your Perth building or home renovation project. When conducting your research, it comes as no surprise that timber cedar repeatedly came up in your search results.
After all, timber cedar has gained much popularity and a solid reputation for being vibrant and stable among a myriad of other benefits. As a result, it is often a go-to choice for building projects as it can withstand almost any environmental force of nature but still look good!
If you are looking for a timber product that is stable, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing...then look no further! Timber cedar is a functional choice for your upcoming building project. This durable yet soft timber cuts incredibly easily, machines and glues well and can also be painted, stained and polished.
At Pine Timber Products, we offer a range of this stunning softwood that will surely stand out from the crowd. It is incredibly versatile and offers a natural warmth!
A much-loved choice by Perth builders, architects and landscapers - timber cedar is an excellent option for both interior and exterior applications.

Cedar Timber For Sale in Perth

Though not hardwood, timber cedar offers impressive strength and durability. Due to its low wood density and low shrinkage factor, cedar remains stable in most weather conditions and is not prone to warping, shrinking or swelling. It comes as no surprise that timber cedar is a much-loved preference for many customers as it is ideal for our Perth climate!
The natural oils and extractives found in timber cedar also make it naturally resistant to fungi attacks. Furthermore, the appearance makes it unappealing to termites and other insects.

What are the key features of timber cedar?

  • Although a soft timber, it is very durable
  • It cuts, machines and glues well and can also be painted, stained and polished
  • It is great for both internal or external use
  • It carries moisture resistant properties
  • It is naturally resistant to fungi development
  • It will last a long time with minimal maintenance throughout its lifespan!

Cedar Cladding Perth

Timber cedar is a classic building material that is beautiful and suitable for use on commercial and residential projects. With varying aesthetics, timber cedar cladding can be used to clad the entire exterior of a building or used with other materials to build breathtaking visuals, like a feature wall.
Considering timber cedar for your cladding ensures a contemporary, stylish, bold, natural and strong alternative to traditional softwood and manufactured cladding systems.

Cedar Lining in Perth

A cedar-lined ceiling is an immediate way to add opulence, elegance and a sense of refinement to the outdoor area of your Perth home! At Pine Timber Products, we happen to be a cedar wood supplier of cedar lining!
It is our priority to provide quality cedar lining solutions to Perth builders, homeowners, and varying businesses.

Pine Timber Products is your cedar wood supplier in Perth!

At Pine Timber Products, we are your Perth cedar wood suppliers who have an excellent range of timber cedar products for your next home building or renovation project! Speak to our team today. We are happy to assist you with your inquiry!

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