Merbau Reeded Decking

Merbau Reeded Decking



Product Description

Merbau is a well-known species of hardwood that is mainly sourced from regions in northern Queensland, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific islands, and South East Asia. It comes from tropical woods and sometimes from forests that have been officially changed to other uses or where there aren't enough controls. Certification and chain of custody methods, like DNA tracking, will show that the wood comes from legal and well-managed trees. A certified Merbau is in Australia, so you should check with your seller.

Merbau is an excellent material for decking in various climates because of its extraordinary resilience to corrosion, termites, and decay. This is what sets Merbau apart from other decking materials. It not only provides a touch of natural elegance but also assures durability. Merbau ensures that your deck will remain an attractive and lasting feature for years, regardless of whether you want to create a lovely backyard sanctuary or a practical outdoor entertainment area.


Merbau is renowned in the Australian construction and woodworking industries for its distinctive appearance. Its rich reddish-brown hue and fine and even grain pattern give any space an immutable and classic impression. Merbau's inherent durability and decay resistance make it a popular choice for outdoor flooring and decking in Australia. The natural chemicals of the wood contribute to its shiny surface, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Merbau has a unique look that makes Australian homes and scenery more fascinating.

Applications in Industry

Merbau is a popular choice for various construction and woodworking projects. It is used in building, structure, maritime work, and indoor and outdoor furniture. Merbau has been used to make cross arms, bridges, piles, sleepers, posts, piers, and mine beams. It is used in buildings for framing, decking, stair steps, and other general needs. Merbau is used to make the decks of many boats and different kinds of vats, singing instruments, and tool handles. It is a popular choice for BBQ cards and any outdoor furniture. Merbau is also used for turning, panelling, woodwork, shop fitting, cabinet making, parquet flooring, cutting, veneer, counter and table tops.

The Durability of Merbau

Merbau is recognised for its outstanding durability, making it a preferred option for various applications. This makes it an ideal material. The strong grain and high oil content of this hardwood provide it with an innate resistance to rot, decay, and insect infestations, contributing to this material's natural resilience. Because of its durable composition, Merbau can withstand the most severe weather conditions without warping or degrading. These circumstances include high levels of humidity as well as extended periods of exposure to the sun and rain. As an outcome of this, it is typically chosen for use in applications that will be open to the components, such as decking and furniture, where durability plays an essential role. Merbau can age gracefully, deepening in colour as it develops an appealing patina throughout its lifetime, highlighting its enduring allure and tenacity. Merbau's exceptional durability guarantees that it remains a go-to material for a diverse range of building and woodworking endeavours, regardless of whether it is used in areas with tropical or temperate temperatures.

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