Teak-Solid Perimeter Board NewTechWood

Teak-Solid Perimeter Board NewTechWood



Product Description

The most natural composite NewTechWood decking in the market, fully capped-around 4 sides, ultra protection against moisture and termites & maintenance-free. The wonderful beauty of Teak-Solid Perimeter Board provides value to your home. NewTechWood will create robust Teak-Solid Perimeter Board material that's likely to look good on your following do-it-yourself project. Don't just take our word to it, though. NewTechWood customers love the appearance, among other factors of our Teak-Solid Perimeter Board is its reliable and quality materials. Naturally sturdy Teak-Solid Perimeter Board for the high-end, natural look that's also pleasant to walk on barefoot. Teak-Solid Perimeter Board Decking is super-simple to install. Your Teak-Solid Perimeter Board deck expands and contracts under varying weather conditions without creating damage on individual planks using our quite simple to install clip systems that keep your deck looking its best for many years. Pool decking, design accents, innovative outdoor builds, using materials of unparalleled value offers eye-appealing design to any home - the design that gives efficient benefits and a nice return on your house investment.

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