NewTechWood Starter Clips & Screws (25PC)

NewTechWood Starter Clips & Screws (25PC)

Product Description

The most natural composite NewTechWood decking in the market,fully capped-around 4 sides, ultra protection against moist and termites & maintenance free.

If you’re shopping for the best screws for composite decking, look to the company that makes the best composite decking material, NewTechWood. You’ll never have to worry about how to hide deck screws thanks to our pre-existing hidden deck screw system — the screws are specifically designed not to be seen while still providing sturdy support for your deck.

Starting clips, also called start clips or starter clips, are clips you will use for the boards at either end of your deck, where the deck “starts.”

If you are not sure whether you want a deck clip system with locking clips or CEC clips, get in touch with us at NewTechWood or check our great install videos and guides! We can help you make sure you are installing it correctly.

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