NewTechWood TC16 Metal Fix Locking Clip

NewTechWood TC16 Metal Fix Locking Clip

Product Description

The most natural composite NewTechWood decking in the market,fully capped-around 4 sides, ultra protection against moist and termites & maintenance free.

The decking clips plays a significant role in any installation of composite decking, and should be understood before starting any installation to avoid mistakes.

The boards on any deck, composite or otherwise, don’t just stay together by themselves. They require a fastening agent. Of course, you want your deck to have a seamless appearance, without anything obvious connecting the board. That’s where our concealed deck fasteners come in.

Fortunately, our boards are designed with grooves that allow for blind deck fasteners, concealed decking accessories that join your boards without anyone from outside being able to see them or have any idea how they are working. These invisible deck fasteners provide strong support, joining your boards together and giving your deck the clean, smooth, look you desire.

Certain boards in certain locations may experience some kind of contraction or expansion with the weather, and you need deck board fasteners that can accommodate that contraction or expansion if they happen, which is why we offer two types of hidden deck fasteners. Which will both be used for all installations.

NewTechWood® has a locking systems which features two clips, one locks and secures the board down (Locking Clip) while the other allows for expansion and contraction (Control Expansion & Contraction – CEC Clip), so that you don’t experience warping or distortion of any kind after installation. The system works because it allows the user to control the direction in which the expansion and contraction will take place.

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