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Pine Timber Products & the Environment

Pine Timber Products is committed to the pursuit of best practice in the purchase of timber products. We understand the impact that forestry has on the environment, which is why we ensure that our timber is legally sourced from well-managed forests throughout the world.

A Sustainable Future

Australia’s forest industry is constantly seeking new and improved ways to address the threat of climate change. By managing our native forests and tree plantations, we can substantially reduce these emissions.

With government frameworks and regulations such as the Forestry Standard and Chain of Custody Certification, Australia’s forest industry is dedicated to fighting climate change.

Pine Timber Products prides itself on purchasing timber products from Forest Certified Suppliers. Chain of Custody Certification ensures the supply link between Australia’s forests and the final market product is completely Forest Management Certified.

Timber – A Renewable Resource

Timber comes from a natural resource, which is renewable, energy efficient, and recyclable.

Modern forest management is based on the scientific principle of managing forests for sustainable wood production, while maintaining the forest’s biological systems. The development of programs to manage native and plantation forests ensures that a wide variety of timbers are available on a sustainable basis and will continue to meet the needs of Australians today and into the future.

Why Use Timber?

Pine Timber Products promotes the use of environmentally certified wood in construction. Wood not only has the best thermal insulation properties, it also costs less to build energy-efficient buildings in wood, and it has the lowest carbon footprint of any mainstream building material.


Timber is a renewable resource because of the regrowth of forests. Unlike other products, such as iron ore for steel, timber requires considerable less energy in the conversion of raw products to usable ones and in the remanufacture of material.


Timber products can be used and reused meaning its life is well beyond that of other materials.

Energy Efficient

Timber is one of the most energy efficient materials available due to it being the product of solar energy. Wood can make a building carbon neutral, or better.

Forests will continue to be the source of environmentally friendly products provided they are sustainable managed.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Timber is a natural carbon store, which requires little energy in its production.

Consumers, builders, and designers can dramatically reduce CO² emissions by using timber as an alternative to other products as using more timber saves more CO².

Did You Know?

Over 1.3 million tonnes of CO² emissions could be saved if half of the new homes built in Australia used predominantly wood products.

More than 25 tonnes of CO² emissions are saved when wood products are used in the construction of a single story family home.

An extra 15 tonnes of CO² emissions are emitted in the production of a concrete slab than from a timber floor. It takes approximately 64-years to recover this in energy savings.