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H3 Treated-Weatherboard Dressed & Chamfered

H3 Treated-Weatherboard Dressed & Chamfered

H3 Treated Primed -Weatherboard  Rusticated

H3 Treated Primed -Weatherboard Rusticated


Are you thinking to build a contemporary weatherboard home? Or perhaps you are undergoing a renovation and replacing existing materials with new internal and exterior timber cladding!
Either way, we have got you covered.
At Pine Timber Products, we offer all the cladding and timber wall panelling you need for all home developments throughout Perth. Our team is committed to keeping our prices competitive, as we want you to enjoy quality products without throwing off your budget.

What is weatherboard timber?

Weatherboard timber is a type of timber cladding used to cover the outside appearance of a building. It is what gives a building an attractive and well-finished look.
Weatherboard is highly durable and can protect the home against extreme weather conditions such as rain and wind throughout the year. It can also act as an insulation wall to retain heat. The timber we supply to our customers in Perth comes from sustainable sources and has a low carbon footprint.
Timber is a classic and timeless wood that is often desired in many homes. Considering weatherboard timber in your home will not only work to increase the resale value but will add a newfound warmth to your home.

Timber cladding is a great choice

There are multiple benefits that come with timber cladding. It is simple to install and does not require a great deal of experience, unlike other materials such as stone, bricks, metal and vinyl.
Timber cladding is versatile and is often used in both commercial and residential properties across Perth. Furthermore, you can use timber cladding for both exterior and interior purposes. For the exterior, timber cladding mostly works to complement exterior walls, alfresco ceilings and the fencing.
Timber cladding is cost-effective and is visually very appealing. The serene and natural aesthetics come at a low maintenance cost! Striking the best of both worlds.
We understand that our customers need a quality house and wall cladding they can rely on. That’s why we supply weatherboards to the highest possible standard.

Benefits of using timber cladding

Timber cladding is very aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. It is a classic material that is suitable for use in traditional and contemporary homes.
You have choices! It is available in different finishes to allow you to choose one that you like the best.
You can leave the timber in its natural state, where it will fade to an attractive silvery grey colour, or you can finish it using stains, oils or paints.
Timber cladding is actually environmentally friendly. The timber itself is taken from sustainable sources (such as plantations) and requires much fewer fossil fuels to manufacture than other types of cladding.
Timber is also a great natural insulation material. If you combine the timber cladding with other types of insulation, your home will become even more energy-efficient.
Timber cladding also has good sound absorption qualities. Timber cladding is relatively lightweight. Therefore it is quick to install and easy to work with.

Our weatherboard timber ticks all the boxes!

At Pine Timber Products, we offer a range of weatherboards for sale, including pine timber weatherboards.
Whether you are looking for architectural panels, house cladding or timber weatherboards in Perth, your team at Pine Timber Products has got you covered. Get in touch with us today.

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